Services from Old Colony Hospice

Our services are invaluable to patients and families that are coping with incurable illnesses. Old Colony Hospice has been proud to provide the following services for over 30 years:

  • Home Care Program
    iStock 000013394039SmallOur home care team provides hospice services in the home of a patient, family member or friend.  Usually there is someone living with the patient acting as the primary caregiver. Sometimes the primary caregiver is a son or daughter and does not live with the patient. If the patient is safe to remain in his or her home, the hospice team will work with the patient and family members to develop a plan for the time when the patient may not be safe to stay at home.

    In addition to the team members who visit and provide care to the patient and family, hospice covers the cost of medications prescribed to mange the symptoms of the terminal illness and arrange delivery of those medications to the patient's home, as well as any needed equipment such as hospital beds, commodes, oxygen, etc.

    Old Colony Hospice has contracts with local hospitals for in-patient hospice care. These hospitals include:
      • Milton Hospital
      • New England Sinai Hospital
      • Quincy Hospital
      • Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital


  • Nursing Home PatientNursing Home Program
    Did you know that your loved one in a nursing home or an assisted living facility can receive hospice care? These facilities are viewed as the patient's home. Our nursing home team provides hospice care to residents in these facilities and works closely with the staff members there to provide the same care they would receive in a private home. This includes nursing visits to ensure symptom management, social workers, hospice aides, volunteers, bereavement and spiritual care. In addition, we pay for the cost of the medications prescribed to manage the symptoms of the terminal illness and the equipment your loved one needs.

    Hospice can be accessed at a nursing home if Medicare is not paying for room and board (often referred to as “Skilled Days.”)  We have contracts with many nursing homes within our service area, and we are always able to establish a contract with a new facility if you request Old Colony Hospice to provide care. For more information about specific facilities, please call our office at   1-781-341-4145 or 1-800-370-1322.

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