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Getting Involved with Old Colony Hospice

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Center for Patient & Family Support

Volunteer Program

Volunteers are an integral part of our interdisciplinary team and we are working hard to ensure that your time is spent in a way that best utilizes your talents and meets your expectations.

Old Colony Hospice appreciates our volunteers and the valuable time and talent that is donated each and every day to help patients and their families. Volunteers are the heart of our organization.

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Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are a valuable part of the care Old Colony Hospice provides. We have a place for you that will meet your schedule and geographic preferences. There are a variety of ways that you can give your time, talents and experience. Some of the ways include:

Support patients and families with home visits
Provide administrative support in our office
Assist with our signature special events or fundraising
Become a friendly caller to bereaved families

Volunteer Testimonials

"Being a Compassionate Care Volunteer has given me the opportunity to encourage and assist not only the patient but also family members as they travel this challenging road. The love I have seen as these families work together to serve someone they care about has been a great joy to witness."

- Louise M.

"After each visit, I remark to myself how fortunate I am to assist someone to leave this earth peacefully."

- Jack R.

"Being an Old Colony Hospice volunteer has made me realize the importance of family, love, and support. Seeing my patients' families in their very worst moments when they know the time to say goodbye is near, giving so much love, care, and support to their loved ones, teaches me what a blessing family can be at the end of our journey here on earth.  I am humbled and honored to be a volunteer with Old Colony Hospice."

- Ana G.

"Patience creates joy. We never know what our patient needs until we meet them... and even then, they may not be able to communicate to us. Patience is needed to figure out what is important to them. It is the small things that bring joy when we least expect it."

- Diane B.

Volunteer Training
All Old Colony Hospice volunteers participate in a comprehensive orientation program. Compassionate Care Volunteers receive additional training to develop the skills needed to work with patients and their families.  
Volunteer Time
Each volunteer is free to choose how much time he or she would like to give. We do ask that you make a one year commitment to volunteering at Old Colony Hospice.
Benefits of Volunteering
Volunteers often find that their greatest satisfaction comes from contributing to the well-being of others. They also have the opportunity to apply their talents differently from their usual work. For some, volunteering may even lead to a new career. Their gifts of time, energy, and skills fill a unique roll that only they can provide.
Specialized Volunteers
Old Colony Hospice welcomes Certified Reiki and Massage Therapists to visit patients in their area. We have a Pet Therapy program for humans and their Certified Pet Therapy dogs. We also welcome veterans of the Armed Forces to provide companionship and solace to our veteran patients.
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Signature Events

Old Colony Hospice hosts annual fundraising events that are open to the public to support our mission. For more information about these events or to register click the link below!
Signature Events