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Hospice Care Services

Why choose Old Colony Hospice

to provide your care?

Since 1979, Old Colony Hospice has been helping patients and families through our comprehensive approach to exceptional hospice care. We have the Community Health Accreditation Partner seal of approval, which means that we exceed the standards of care set by Medicare. We have also been named a Hospice Honors Elite recipient by Deyta Analytics, which recognizes hospices that provide the highest level of quality as measured from the caregiver’s point of view. We also offer many specialized programs and services to our patients and their families as we understand each patient and situation is unique.
A-team Approch

A Team Approach for Patients and Families

Hospice services are performed by an interdisciplinary team of experts, with the patient’s primary physician, Old Colony Hospice physicians, nurses, home health aides, social workers, spiritual counselors, bereavement counselors, dietitians, pharmacists, and volunteers working together to provide the highest quality hospice care possible.

About Our Approach

FAQs about Hospice Care

When is the right time to ask about hospice?

While end-of-life care may be difficult to discuss, it is best for family members to share their wishes ahead of time. By having these discussions in advance, patients are not forced into uncomfortable situations. Instead, they are given the opportunity to make an educated decision that includes the advice and input of family members and loved ones.

How does hospice care begin?

We admit patients every day. You call, we respond. A free informational visit is available at any time. A referral will be needed by the patient’s doctor in order to complete the hospice admission process and begin care.

Where is hospice care provided?

Hospice care is provided anywhere you consider home. This means a patient living in a nursing facility or long-term care facility can receive hospice care.

How often are visits made?

All patients have access to the entire care team, which includes registered nurses, social workers, home health aides, spiritual counselors, and volunteers. An individualized care plan is developed for each patient and the frequency of visits are made based on the needs outlined in the care plan.

Is hospice available after hours?

Old Colony Hospice is here for you 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. We are available to respond to you within minutes, even after hours or on weekends.

Is there a fee for hospice services?

Most often, hospice care is paid for by Medicare and most other insurance providers cover hospice care. This includes visits by the care team, medications related to the hospice diagnosis, and equipment needed for hospice care. We will contact your insurance provider for you and verify your coverage before providing any services.

What specialized programs and services do you offer for hospice patients and their families?

We understand that each patient and their needs are unique. We aim to provide a team approach to every patient and family that we have the privilege to serve and that is why we have created specialized programs as part of the hospice care experience. Learn more below or visit our resources section to download informational handouts.

  • Pet Therapy – Our friendly pet therapy dogs interact with patients to help with physical & emotional issues and reduce stress.
  • Veteran-to-Veteran Program - Witnessing the profound relationships and bonds between our veteran volunteers and veteran patients is amazing.  Many families report that, through this program, it is the first time they hear their loved ones speak about their time in the service.
  • Reiki Sessions - A safe, hands-on, ancient relaxation technique that helps soothe and comfort the body.  It is a non-invasive practice that helps you relax, decreases stress, anxiety, and pain.  
  • Music Therapy - Our program provides a language understood by all.  This is particularly helpful to our dementia patients who are often connected to happy memories through song.

Do you have a program for Dementia patients?

Yes. Our Forget Me Not program is dedicated to late-stage dementia patients, which engages them through specific meaningful interventions such as compassionate touch massage and music therapy.

Grief and Bereavement Support Services

Bereavement support services are provided to help and support family members and loved ones as they cope with the unique challenges presented by grief and loss.

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