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OCH becomes a member of the Partners Healthcare Hospice Collaborative

By Old Colony Hospice SOURCE: News & Events, online March 18, 2019

Old Colony Hospice is a member of the Partners HealthCare Hospice Collaborative.  As stated in the Partners HealthCare website, "The Partners Hospice Collaborative Network is a group of Massachusetts licensed hospices.  The collaborative is committed to working in partnership with Partners on continuously improving the quality, outcomes, and efficiency of hospice care to best serve our patients in their families.  The collaborative allows hospices across the state to share lessons learned and develop more standardized best-practices.  The goal is to better connect our physicians and patients with high quality hospice providers and continue to integrate patient care across the continuum and improve end-of-life care."

Old Colony Hospice is honored to be a member of this collaborative.  Serving over 50 cities and towns in Southeastern MA, we have met or exceeded the standards of quality, stability, clinical capabilities, and care at the time of death.  

For more information, please visit the Partners HealthCare Hospice Collaborative website by clicking here.