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Coronavirus Update (COVID-19)

By Old Colony Hospice SOURCE: News & Events, Healthcare, online March 11, 2020


Update 2/6/2021:

We at Old Colony Hospice are committed to our mission, to make the end of life better for those we serve.  We provide compassionate and skilled care to those who need it most.  This dedication has not wavered in more than 40 years of service nor in the face of a worldwide pandemic.  We are here to help whether you are a patient, a person who cares about a potential patient, another healthcare provider or a member of the community seeking bereavement counseling.

Our response to the public health emergency allows us to continue to care for patients and families while protecting us all from the “novel” coronavirus we now know as COVID-19.

Here are just a few of the things we are doing to keep our staff, patients, and our community safe:

EDUCATION:  We seek evidence based information about COVID-19 and use that information to develop sound practices based on science. We continuously educate staff.

SCREENING:  We screen for COVID-19 exposure and symptoms before visiting patients, allowing visitors into the office or the Dr. Ruth McLain Hospice Home, and before staff come to work.

TESTING:  We provide COVID-19 testing onsite for staff and in-home testing for patients (when ordered by a provider).

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE):  We have PPE for ALL of our staff, of the type and quality recommend by national health and safety organizations.  This is to protect our staff and patients. We follow the most stringent infection prevention and control practices for everyone’s safety. 


Updated: 3/20/2020

Old Colony Hospice is taking all necessary precautions to protect the health and safety of our patients, their caregivers and our staff during this time of increased concern related to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). 

Visitors to the Dr. Ruth McLain Hospice Home - Visits to the Hospice Home in Braintree have been reduced. Visitors are screened upon entrance for symptoms and potential COVID-19 exposure to assess need for further precautions.  

- We are working with hospitals and facilities to comply with their individual regulations and screening of our staff.

- All support groups, trainings and meetings with non-staff members, have been suspended. 

- Old Colony Hospice has a comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Plan, which has been activated and is continuously monitored.

Things we do to protect our patients, their families and our staff: 

  • - Monitoring information from the Centers for Disease Control, The World Health Organization, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and other trusted sources daily.
  • - Screening all patients/families before making a visit.
  • - Screening all staff daily. 
  • - Using evidence based, scientific information to guide our practices.
  • - Staff and volunteers are trained on Infection Control and Prevention, Emergency Preparedness and the appropriate use of personal protective equipment.
  • -All clinical staff has appropriate infection control tools and products.
  • -Most staff members are working remotely and meetings are being held virtually.
  • -We have a comprehensive plan to assure patient needs are met in case of an emergency.

Gov. Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency in Massachusetts on March 10 in response to COVID-19, caused by the novel Coronavirus, in response to a rapidly growing number of cases.

"We are seeing an uptick in presumptive positive cases in part as a result of increased testing. More cases will be reported in the near future as more testing is done," he said.

The virus causes a respiratory infection that can be deadly. It was declared to be a pandemic on March 11, by the World Health Organization. 

At this time, given the community spread, Old Colony Hospice is taking increased measures to ensure the safety of our patients, families, staff and volunteers we have the privilege to serve and work with.  

Protect your health from infections including COVID-19:

  • -WASH YOUR HANDS often with warm soapy water for 20 seconds
  • -Alcohol based hand sanitizer may also be used
  • -Avoid people who are sick
  • -Avoid large gatherings
  • -Avoid unnecessary travel

It is vitally important that we work together to assure everyone’s safety.  IF YOU ARE A PATIENT OF OLD COLONY HOSPICE & PALLIATIVE CARE PLEASE NOTIFY US BY PHONE IMMEDIATELY IF YOU HAVE HAD ANY KNOWN CONTACT WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS COVID-19 and we will help assess your risk and work with you to make a plan.

Call us 24 hours a day with any questions or concerns at 781-341-4145.

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