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Coping strategies for dealing with loss during the holidays

By Old Colony Hospice SOURCE: News & Events, online December 24, 2019

For families grieving the loss of a parent, a sibling or a child, these are difficult times. The world is celebrating, and holidays can painfully underscore the empty seat at the table, the loved one who will not be getting gifts and there to join in family traditions.

There’s no right or wrong way to grieve, but for the bereaved trying to find their way through grief and loss while the world bustles with gift giving, carols, family dinners and parties, there are some coping strategies that can help.

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Written By: Toni L. Eaton, RN, BSN, MS

President and CEO of Old Colony Hospice & Palliative Care. Based in West Bridgewater, Old Colony Hospice serves families in more than 55 communities on the South Shore, South Coast and Southeastern Massachusetts.