Payment for Hospice

How is hospice care paid for?

Most often, hospice care is paid for by Medicare.

What if I don’t have Medicare?

Most other insurances cover hospice care.  Old Colony Hospice will contact your insurance provider for you and verify your coverage before providing any services.

Are there any co-pays?

No, Old Colony Hospice does not charge co-pays for covered services.

What exactly is covered by the hospice?

  • Medical Care - Hospice doctor and your doctor oversee your care and write orders for medications, treatments etc
  • Nursing Care - Hospice nurse visits as often as needed to manage your symptoms and assure your comfort at home.
  • Hospice Aide Visits - To assist with personal care of the patient as prescribed by the hospice team
  • Social Work Services - To assist with planning, coping, making care arrangements etc
  • Spiritual Counseling - Per your wishes
  • Bereavement Services - For your family/caregivers/loved ones
  • Hospice Volunteers - Perform a variety of services such as help with errands, sit with patient for short period, etc.
  • Medications - All medications related to your hospice diagnosis and ordered by your hospice team are 100% covered and delivered to your home
  • Medical Equipment - All equipment needed to assure the patients comfort and ordered by the hospice team are 100% covered and delivered to your home
  • Hospital care - Limited and only as arranged by the hospice for brief periods

What is not covered?

Medicare (and other medical insurances) states that hospice care is palliative, which means that services intended to cure diseases generally are not covered.  Hospital care except as above is not covered. 

Room and board expenses are not covered (nursing home, assisted living etc.)

Old Colony Hospice makes clinical decisions about care on an individual, case by case basis in collaboration with your doctor.